• Alahna Nicolas

“You do too much”

It was Sunday after church and my husband and I were just goofing off. We ate lunch, talked, took some pictures of our food for the Gram; hashtagged #goals...You know typical “millennial” behavior. It is not what happened leading up to this picture that’s important, it’s the immediate thought before swinging my “ overgrown” thirty-year-old self across this vine and what busting my butt taught me about how others can sum up one's life totality based off one moment(Pic). They don’t have to know the back story and even if they do it’s rarely discussed, what happens next. This photo shows me on the ground after falling after making what most would call a poor judgment call. But the fact is...I thought I could do it; I thought by swinging on this branch I would conjure up this nostalgic feeling of being a kid; that by sharing this time with my husband would add spontaneity to our day. After looking at this picture for a while I started thinking... how many people approach their dreams this way? How many people are afraid to swing from the branch not knowing it may be the BEST decision they make for their life but because others don’t take the leap of Faith, you shouldn’t. If someone had seen me they may have said, “ Don‘t do it, it’s not strong enough.” “ I wouldn’t try that if I were you.” Or “ You could get hurt.” these would all be fear-based suggestions thus keeping me from trying something I thought would bring me fulfillment. You can’t miss your opportunity to take a swing at life, because often we get snapshots of the journey and it’s usually taken through a lens of doubt, insecurities, jealousy or just ignorance; Sometimes intentional and other times non intentional. On lookers miss vital pieces of the vision and will say ”You do too much” but we all must continue because there is a photo after this moment where I dust myself off, laugh about it and move forward!(check below, I’m fine. I live to fight another day)

As long as you get back up it doesn’t matter what you do on your journey even if it means you falling down, getting bruised and talked about. Just KEEP SWINGING!