• Alahna Nicolas

Unforgettable titles

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Who knew you could get so much power from scrolling through Instagram at two in the morning? ( this can be a blessing or a curse) Well, you can. I happen-to be the direct beneficiary of this power. Jada Pinkett was talking about great books that had inspired her over the years. She named a few but one she mentioned stuck out... it was The Alchemist! After her soul touching review of the book, I thought it would be great for where I was currently on my personal journey. I got the book and man, all I can say is I am back on the move. I feel centered and have a little more direction as to which roads to take in all aspects of my life. This book was able to give me a fresh perspective on things and situations I thought I had to travel far to obtain.. Go check out this book; it's truly unforgettable!

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