• Alahna Nicolas

The beginning of an end!

Hanging on to situations in fear the next steps will be doomed, is progression suicide! How is it we dream about our futures but are stuck in our past and oftentimes forget to bask in the present.This past year has been a true testament to how much fear can keep you stuck. I was going through what I thought was the end...kicking, screaming and dragging out the inevitable, thinking it was an end all! What really was happening was a shift. I had gained some new lenses and was afraid to try out my new specs. Have you ever transitioned from glasses to contacts? Do you find yourself still wearing your glasses even though the contacts would enhance several areas; fashion for one, better vision all around? But what are we afraid of? You got it! No one wants to go through the uncomfortable process of putting them in” trying them out.” Knowing once we get through the process it’ll have a beneficial outcome once consistent techniques are applied. But nope, we rather stick to what was working in one season but does little to nothing for us now. We need to stop adding periods where there should only be a comma. See, the thing about growth is one day you’ll outgrow those favorite pants, shirt you once wore; they’ll get holes, they’ll fade. We must understand we are allowed to have new favorites, enjoy other aspects of life. Know that we also outgrow “life levels” we all have more than one purpose. There is ALWAYS a beginning at an end!