• Alahna Nicolas

Stuck on “Once Upon A Time”

Updated: Feb 6

I can remember deciding I was going to be a children’s book author and for the life of me I couldn’t get past “once upon a time.” Surely there were more grander openings than this age-old stock phrase.Right? Turns out there was a deeper meaning to my simple answer of writers block. I was causing my desire to get back the nostalgia feelInga I had as a child when my mothers used to read to me as a young girl wishing she could be like Dr.Seuss, Barbara Park or or Beverly Cleary. This appetency was haulting my creativity. We often look at the accomplishments of those around us and just copy and past. Sometimes holding on to the past or wishing we were anything other than our self can keep us from reaching our future destinations and discovering our own grand entrances into this world. Time to rewrite the rules.