• Alahna Nicolas

New year, New tree!


Here we are in a new year, a new decade.

Everyone writing down their goals and vision praying to maintain the spark of creativity that with the new year bliss. This year was different for me. I didn’t want to go through the motions of “goal setting“ I wanted a tree mindset. I wanted to walk in this decade with the intentions of deep rooted growth. I wanted my thoughts to anchor in my soul as a root of a tree. I wanted my ideas to stretch as long as the bark of a 100 year old oak tree. I wanted my purpose and vision to expand like the branches.It is my greatest hope that my inspiration falls and spreads as the leaves. Yes, a tree mindset is my hope for it will be a legacy in which I wish to plant. One that’s far beyond a simple goal one where the journey is just as important as the destination. Not only is this my aspiration for myself but for others; to be filled with a Tree Mindset so that even when buried you’ll one day grow into something that is a life source for someone else. You must know your visions are oxygen to the world.