• Alahna Nicolas

Be Still!

By Alahna Nicolas

Is your town a ghost town? Well, the world seems to be ghosting us all! With the recent pandemic, we have all had to halt' stop dead in our tracks. Forced to slow down, pay attention to the little things. When is the last time Fyouve cleaned out your closet? Waking up in the morning with absolutely nothing on your schedule; made to acknowledge the trees, left untrimmed, the garden that's forgotten, the pool that's starting to grow algae, and the grass that has not been mowed in weeks.

Maybe this virus isn't supposed to make sense maybe its come to restore sense! With Technology I believe most of us agree that we have probably lost most of our common sense. So take the time to notice and feel the little big things. Slow down and reevaluate your vision and be sure they align with your purpose. Be still and know that he is GOD!

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